Let’s Talk Communities and Climate: Communication Guidance for City and Community Leaders

Featuring research-proven practices for successful climate communication, this guide can play a vital role in every community leader’s tool kit. From talking points to counterpoints, “dos” and “don’ts,” proven steps to create your own custom message, and a model speech, the guide helps you to successfully integrate climate into conversations, speaking engagements, and other communications.

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Let’s Talk Faith and Climate: Communication Guidance for Faith Leaders

This guide offers tips on how to initiate new conversations with the faithful, how to create one’s own successful, value-based messages, and how to utilize specific wording that has been tested for its ability to bring people together regarding climate issues.

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Health is a Major Motivator for Climate Solutions (March 2019)

In this report, ecoAmerica and Lake Research Partners explored American awareness and understanding of the intersection between climate and health. The results show promise. Americans report health impacts from climate, see the health benefit of solutions, trust health professionals on the issue, and see action as a moral imperative.

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Climate Attitudes Differ in Rural, Suburban, and Urban Living (February 2019)

To inspire more Americans to engage on the issue, we need to meet them where they live – and relate the issue to the things they care about in their Urban, Suburban, or Rural living. ecoAmerica and Lake Research Partners’ 2018 American Climate Metrics Survey identifies opportunities to specialize outreach in each community.

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Let’s Talk Health and Climate: Communication Guidance for Health Professionals

Let’s Talk Health and Climate synthesizes the latest academic research and message testing on climate communications from across the social sciences into a practical guide to support meaningful discussion of climate change and health with individuals and groups.

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Moving Forward Guide: A Guide to Building Momentum on Climate Solutions in Your Community (June 2018)

Moving Forward: A Guide to Building Momentum on Climate Solutions in Your Community is ecoAmerica’s newest Path to Positive Communities guide. This guide is geared toward civic leaders in communities who want to lead on climate and sustainability and seek the resources to act, including guidance on how to best engage residents by using clear, positive, inclusive and relevant messages.

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Mental Health and Our Changing Climate: Impacts, Implications, and Guidance

This guide chronciles the impacts of climate change on Americans’ health and psychological well-being, including increases in stress and anxiety, loss of community identity, heightened aggression and violence, and many others. It builds from our 2014 Beyond Storms and Droughts research, and is intended to further inform and empower health and medical professionals, community and elected leaders, and the public.

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American Climate Metrics for Salt Lake Media Market (Spring 2018)

ecoAmerica and Lake Research Partners undertook a survey of Salt Lake City residents uncovers the evolving trends, attitudes, and behavior towards climate change and solutions since 2015. Find out how the results compare to broader national climate values. 

15 Steps to Create Effective Climate Communications

This guide is an update to our original Communicating on Climate: 13 Steps and Guiding Principles. Drawn from the latest research and real-life experience, it outlines a specific, easy-to-follow process for crafting and delivering successful climate change messages. 

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Let’s Talk Climate: Messages to Motivate Americans

Designed to engage Americans across political and demographic groups on climate solutions, this guide builds on ecoAmerica’s previous messaging research. Includes general messages that increase personal relevance and motivation, tips for application, and thematic language on faith, health, communities, higher education, and business. 

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